25A 5KW Dual-temp and dual-control electric heating thermostatfor heater


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Type Electric Heater Parts
Model Number D805M/25A-S

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25A 5KW Dual-temp and dual-control electric heating thermostatfor heater
D805M the thermostat is integrated design, it use CPU of microcomputer, can set up the temperature by periods. All the running status and environment datas are been showed by the LCD, it helps to guider the user. The Large current output can satisfy normal warming requirement(16A-25A) and Enhence temperature accuracy, so it will be more convenience and effective to control the temperature by a Comfortable and energy saving way. It can control high-power equipments, such as: Cable, Electrothermal film, electric radiator, wall hanging etc...
Dual - temp and Dual - control digital are two separate control sensors, indoor sensor or external sensors to achieve the temperature set point, the thermostat from customer\'s instruction.
Scope of Application
D805M series digital temperature controller is suitable for the floor heating, water heating, electric heating equipment (electrothermal film, heating cable, electric heaters, resistance wire, carbon crystal plate).
Product features
1 Recommended for control of underfloor heating and electrical heating.
2. Electronic on/off control up to 5KW, 25A
3. The whole thermostat, connected directly heating body can control
4. Large Back-lit display, LED screen, easy-to-see and read
5. Infrared remote-controlled function(option)
6. Built-in interrupter
7. Display temperature recalibrates
8. Display the built-in sensors and external temperature sensor (F key switchover,Return to room temperature for 10 seconds)
9.2-sensor: Built-in sensors and external sensors
Technical instructions
Shell Material: ABS + PC alloy (flame retardant)
Negative Inductive Load: 220v 3A

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